5 delicious egg recipes

When you are in a hurry and do not have breakfast, eat a quick egg. These eggs will meet your body’s nutritional needs throughout the day. Eggs are not the cheapest and healthiest protein. It contains a large amount of selenium, vitamin D, B6 and B12. Zinc, iron and copper as minerals.

If you want to make the egg more appetizing, you can make your own recipe. Here are five quick recipe recipes for eggs. Take a look:

Egg Salad Sandwich

Ingredients: four slices of bread, two of boiled eggs, four teaspoons of mayonnaise or butter, one tomato, a little onion ring, two tablespoons of capsicum cucumber, half of lettuce leaves, a little bit of dried chili powder, a little bit of pepper powder, salt to taste and ghee.

Prepared recipe:

First mix eggs, mayonnaise, dried chili powder, salt and pepper powder in a bowl well.Spread this mixture well over the bread. Put tomato, onion rings, capsicum and lettuce leaves on it.

Now cover with another loaf. Bake two sides of bread for 30 seconds with a little ghee. Diyas, the Healthy Egg Salad Sandwich was very easy to make.

Potato & Egg Salad

Ingredients: 500 gram of boiled potatoes, two of boiled eggs, four tablespoons of mayonnaise, one teaspoon of , two onions kale  two to three tablespoons of green tomato slices, green capsicum crust two to three tablespoons, a little of pepper powder, coriander powder. Table spoon and salt to taste.


First lightly boil the potatoes boiled in a bowl. Do not make the filling as if it is a little diluted and a bit mixed. Now add the eggs, mayonnaise, , onion bud, tomato i and capsicum together well.Now add salt and pepper powder in it. Finally, spread the coriander leaves and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Diameter, potato and egg salad were made.

Masala Scrambled Egg

Ingredients: 8 to10 teaspoons, onion one, raw pepper two, half teaspoon of red pepper powder, one teaspoon of turmeric powder, two teaspoons of cumin seeds, two tablespoons of oil, coriander leaves 2 tablespoons and salt to taste.


First, oil in a nonstick pan and put cumin seeds and turmeric powder in it. After 30 to 35 seconds, soak the onion in it for two minutes. Now add in raw pepper, red chilli powder and ginger. After boiling two to three minutes, cook three to four minutes with eggs in between. Now pour it from the oven and pour it on a plate and serve hot. Masala scrambled egg.

Egg Paniyaram

Ingredients: Egg four, half a cup of butter, a little powder of turmeric, half a teaspoon of pepper powder, half teaspoon of cumin powder, the amount of oil and salt to taste.


Take half a cup of water in a pan first. Now add salt, turmeric powder, pepper powder and cumin powder.Whisk well with egg. Now mix it well with butter. This time, add a little oil to the batter and give this mixture a little. Cover with a lid on medium heat. Once boiled, remove from the oven and serve hot.

Egg chop

Ingredients: two boiled eggs, half a cup of basin, a little cumin powder, half a teaspoon of chilli powder, four teaspoons of rice powder, four teaspoons of flour, a small amount of baking soda, oils and salt to taste.


In a bowl first mix the basin, rice powder, flour, baking soda, chili powder, salt and cumin powder well.Now mix it with water and make a dense mixture. Now heat the oil in the pan.Grease the egg, squeeze the mixture and dip it in dipping oil. Once brown, remove the excess oil by pressing on the tissue with oil and serve hot.