Breakfast burritos

Nowadays everyone is busy. Especially from waking up in the morning to getting ready for school, college, university or workplace. So saying that the breakfast will remain impure or not healthy, then what is it? Of course not. So here are some easy and healthy breakfast recipes that you can make quick in the morning

Breakfast burritos

This is quite a recipe. Can be created in a very short time. The food is healthy as well.


। | Flour (3 cups)
2 | Eggs (1)
3 | Chop vegetables (as per your choice)
4 | Onion cookie (half cup)
5 | Lemon juice
6 | Cheese (half cup)
6 | Oil (for frying)

Cooking system

1. First, soak the vegetables, onion and sieve in oil. Boil it in the frying pan and lemon juice before serving.

2. Mix the eggs with the flour and make a solid shell (like bread making). When the shell is made, it should be soaked in light oil, forming the shape of sandy bread. Using eggs will swell beautifully.

3. The bread taken should be supplemented with previously prepared vegetables. Then add lemon juice and cheese  to it and serve.

Strawberry & Cream Oatmeal

One meal is Strawberries & Cream Oatmeal. This will be a great meal for those who like strawberries.


। | Milk (1 cup)
2 | Old Rolled Oats (1 cup)
। | Strawberries, cut from the middle (1 cup)
। | Food salt (in quantity)

Ready process

1. Combine milk, oats, strawberries and salt in a container and stir to medium heat. You have to shake for 5 minutes to cook the oven.

2. Once the ingredients are slightly thicker and creamy in the oven, they should be served.

Banana split oatmeal

It is a very healthy food. Moreover, it is quite easy to make.


1 | Milk (half cup)
2 | Oats (1 cup)
3 | Food salt (in quantity)
4 | Sliced walnuts (2 tbsp)
5 | Chocolate small chips or chopped chocolate (half cup)
6 | Cherry (2)

Ready process

1. The maximum amount of milk in a container should be ignited.

2. When the milk is heated, all the ingredients have to be stirred.

3. Stir in the dough to become a bit thick and creamy.

Fried egg and cucumber toast

Fried eggs, along with nutrients in the broth. All in all, a perfectly healthy food package. Moreover, there is not too much hassle or time required to make it.


1 | Eggs (1)
2 | Bread (1 piece)
2 | Crush the cucumber (half a cup)
3 | Lemon juice (1 tbsp)
4 | Salt (as needed)
5 | Round pepper (as needed)
6 | Butter (1/2 tablespoon)

Ready process

1. In a medium bowl, first boil the eggs in medium heat. Be careful so that the white part of the yolk or egg does not become too reddish. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper powder over the eggs while frying the eggs.

2. After frying the egg, it should be lightly soaked on the sides of the bread in the same container.

3. Garnish with mushrooms with butter over fried bread. Then the roasted chickpeas should be served with fried eggs. Spread the lemon juice over the whole bread. Sprinkle round chili powder on it. Then it’s the turn to serve.