Cook without oil Delicious and healthy fish broth and chicken varieties, Royal recipes

The more sugar you pour, the sweeter it is, as we have heard many times in many places. The same applies to cooking.However, oil is much more dominating than sugar. The more oil spices the more delicious the cooking, many householders believe. However, more oil spices not only bring along flavor and smell, but also bring extra fat, excess weight and cholesterol.You are thinking of those things, but what about oil and baking without air? It will be a little bit! The oil does not need to be a drop, but the food will be very tasty and healthy. Wondering? Here are some of the recipes that you can cook without swirling oil.

1) fish bag

Soak a cup of oil in water. Crush raw cilantro, tomatoes and onions.Put the coconut in advance. Now add cinnamon powder, coriander powder, turmeric and chilli together with this coconut and make a paste.

In this paste blend the onion slices and blend once more. The paste will not be too refined.Now place the roasted paneer in a container. Now, add coconut paste, boiling water, raw cilantro, tomato and salt. Wash the fish in it and leave it in pieces.Cook for ten minutes. You can spread a little curry leaves while dropping.

2) Spice chicken

Marinate the chicken for at least one hour with the onion and lemon juice. But you can do it for longer.Now take yogurt in a container and mix it with cilantro, ginger, garlic, cumin and coriander powder, and sprinkle it well with hot spices. Pour this yogurt over the chicken and put it in the container (good if non stick) and let it simmer.

After a little shaking, you will notice that the spices are coming out of the spices and smelling good, then spread the coriander on top.

3) Malai Walla

Cut the chicken into small pieces. Marinate well with ginger and garlic and white pepper for at least one hour. Now fry the other pot with fresh cream, onion slices, and raw cilantro.

When the onion is soft, stir in the marinated meat with a little milk. Now stir in the cardamom powder, ginger bata, kasuri fenugreek powder and hot spices. Take off after seven to ten minutes.