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Healthy Of food Tips

Our daily well-being depends on our eating. Good health depends on what we eat daily, to what extent, and when. Medical science has gone many steps forward. So we need to be more aware of our daily diet list than ever before. According to a report on healthy eating tips published in Reader’s Digest based on the opinions of nutritionists, this is our article today that will help you create a daily diet list.

* Avoid processed meat:

Processed meats such as bacon, ham, hot dog, lunch meat and sausage were identified by the World Health Organization as a cause of cancer in the 2015. That is, these foods have the potential to become cancerous, just like smoking.

* Avoid grilling:

Usually barbecued meats are fried at high temperatures. These foods are very bad for health.Because it is not only roasted in high heat, it is not only suitable for eating, but it can also lead to cancer.

* Fruits with Yogurt: We all know yogurt is good for digestion.

It usually contains 7 grams of sugar. But do you know, how much sugar is in a strawberry flavored yogurt? About 23 grams. So do not eat any fruit flavored yogurt, but mix your favorite fruit with yogurt.

* Check the amount of sugar in the packaged foods:

Before buying packaged foods, it is necessary to check the amount of sugar in the package.Sugar reduces our need to eat other foods, but increases our attraction to sweet foods. It does just as much damage to our body as alcohol does.

* Not fried potatoes:

Potato contains a type of acid, called amino acid. When the potatoes are fried or roasted in high heat, the amino acids in the potatoes turn into toxins. This toxin, called acrylamide, disrupts a cell in the brain from interacting with other cells.

* Homemade dishes:

Outside food has more calories than home-made foods. Each time we eat about 300 calories more than we consume while eating outside. External foods also contain high amounts of sodium, sugar and saturated fat. So cook a little at home and eat healthy food for you.

* Carbohydrates and Fiber Equivalence:

Foods containing ten grams of carbohydrates should contain at least 1 grams of fiber. A dietary list should be created without maintaining a balance between carbohydrates and fiber.

* Artificial sugar avoidance:

Artificial sugar is worse for the body than ordinary sugar. We believe that because the taste is not compatible with  calories, the brain makes the animal more hungry, but it also applies to humans.

* Boxes and packaging are not meals:

Bruce Lee says the more packaging that is embedded in the food, the more harmful it can be to you.

* Eating bread to maintain sodium levels:

Mark Gilinov, a cardiac surgeon at Cleveland Clinic, says the bread may not be so salty to eat but most of the bread is full of salt. Many of us choose bread for diet. If you have high blood pressure, never mind eating such salty foods.

* Fruits more beneficial than vegetables:

Everyone says eat more vegetables. But have you ever looked at scientific data on your long-term health? Fruits are more beneficial than vegetables for long-term disease prevention.