Food Tips

Start the day with these 6 healthy foods

Breakfast is the most important meal in the day. But it is also unfair to eat very heavy food in the morning.In the morning, eating heavy, foods on the empty stomach is at risk of vomiting.

For this reason, in the morning to drink in the caliphate, light hot water and light food. After at least two hours of this meal you can have breakfast with a heavy meal. Find out what you can eat after you wake up in the morning-

1) Honey in hot water

This mixture benefits digestion and increases immune deficiency. Drinking on an empty stomach in the morning will speed up metabolism. It is very useful to lose weight.

2) Wooden soaked in water

Amanda or woodpecker soaked in water at night provides a lot of vitamins and minerals. You can eat 5 to 5 peanuts on an empty stomach in the morning. At this time, remove the brown almonds and eat them.

3) Amlkhi juice

In the morning, you can drink fresh juice from empty stomach. However, you can not buy tea or coffee for 5 minutes. As it contains a lot of vitamin C, it also works to increase longevity. It cleanses the skin, keeps hair healthy and eyes good.

4) Papaya

Empty papaya is good because it cleanses the stomach and helps digestion. Papaya cannot be eaten for at least an hour after eating. It also helps reduce cholesterol.

5) Watermelon

In the morning you can eat watermelon on an empty stomach. It is low in calories, high in electrolyte which fills the body with water deficiency overnight.

6) persimmon

The palm is very useful for getting fast energy. It also contains a lot of fiber which helps in digestion. It is also effective in alleviating palm constipation. It is best to eat apricots for diarrhea and stomach upset, because it contains a lot of potassium.