Tips and healthy recipes for saving dinner

See below for expert tips on Christmas dinner parties and not to be extrapolated to their healthy recipes.

Tips for healthy eating

Do not take too long before dinner. Eat fruits and prioritize low calories and rich in water such as watermelon, watermelon and cubes. That way, you will be less hungry during dinner.

Mix green leaf salad with fruit

For starters, nutritionists recommend choosing a delicious and very healthy salad, which contains ingredients that don’t weigh in your pocket or stomach.

Salpico chicken with yogurt

Another healthy option that is served at the party is Salpico, which includes chicken and yogurt. He is very healthy and will certainly please everyone.

Beware of alcohol. If consumed, eat first and exchange alcoholic beverages with water exchange Sparling wine and dried wines are low calorie. Avoid raw egg dishes or any raw ingredients (such as mice) during dessert, as they are more likely to be poisonous in food.

Quinoa blends in with Farfa

The side dishes also demand attention when it comes to preparing a healthy menu for the party. Quinoa Mixed Forofa is a great and delicious alternative.

Christmas Brown Rice

A famous Christmas rice could not be ignored, but using whole grains can make a difference. It is possible to prepare this recipe in many healthy and delicious ways.

Light tapioca pudding with pineapple Juice

Another dessert option for the holidays that helps to maintain a good shape and health is a light tapioca pudding with pineapple syrup. Everyone will be surprised at the taste.