Food Tips

What would be a hot breakfast in summer?

It’s been hot all around. Many are getting sick in the heat. As the temperature rises, many are experiencing various physical difficulties.

Many do not sleep well at night because of the heat. And for this reason, in the morning, sleep breaks late. It is seen that many rush out of the house without hurry or eat.This does not make their breakfast exactly the same. Many people are reluctant to eat breakfast because of the heat. This also left them eating breakfast. Skipping breakfast makes the body worse. Therefore, it is important to eat breakfast even if it is hot and healthy.

Choosing the right breakfast

Fats or fiber foods are essential for good health. Remember, however, that many high-fat foods cannot digest this heat. Such as: oats, milk, whey flour, etc. So it’s best to refrain from eating them. In fact, the most accurate breakfast during the summer is a soft and easy digestible meal. Such as: soft rice, panta rice, semolina, thin white flour bread, etc. carbohydrates.

Cheese or yogurt is better than milk in this heat as a protein. In addition, you can place the eggs in your breakfast.For those who are accustomed to eating lentils with bread, skip this summer breakfast. Pulses often cause digestive problems, especially boots or peeling pulses.

Although vegetables are very beneficial for health, many people can not digest when eating more vegetables in the morning.So soft and easy digestive vegetables like pepe, rice, shrimp, shrimp, etc. in the morning for heating.Fat foods should be avoided in the heat. Fatty foods are, egg omelette, parrot, luchi etc.

Fruit Fresh Juice or Smoothie is useful for heating. Fields or slums can be made by eating at home. You can eat ripe soft fruit.

Such as:melons, bananas, mangoes etc. are good for morning fruit. You can eat talk fruit or talk fruit juice in the middle of the morning. Avoiding tea or coffee at breakfast is good. Pure water, dub water or home-made fruit juice are best for drinking after breakfast this summer.

It is just the beginning of the day to stay healthy in the heat. There is no substitute for balanced, easy-to-digest and home-cooked meals. And yes, be sure to grab a bottle of water and an umbrella when you get out for breakfast.

Some urgent advice

Avoid eating heavy foods at night

Eating heavy food at night makes it difficult to sleep. Because eating heavy foods causes stomach discomfort; Digestion is late. So eat a light meal at night. And make dinner between eight and eight o’clock.

Get up early in the morning

The temperature is slightly lower in the morning. When the sun rises well, the temperature rises from 9 am on wards. So get up early in the morning and have breakfast at 8 am.

Leave some practice this summer

Many people wake up and drink lemon – honey – water. Avoid this practice during the heat. Because, honey increases the body temperature. And lemon produces gas or acidity in many cases. So skip this meal and get a glass of plain water in the morning.

Again, those who drink tea or coffee on an empty stomach, will also be healthy if they skip these drinks this summer. However, you can drink a little honey-lemon-water for energy after returning home from outside.